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 About me

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a busy city with beautiful architecture. Growing up here has had a big influence on my style as a photographer. When I was young I was always amazed by the universe, milky way and stars. I tried to do some night sky photography when I started but found out really fast that Amsterdam has a lot of light pollution. After that I did a lot of sunset and blue hour photography, combining the knowledge I gained with night sky photography and my fascination with architecture.

I specialize in outdoor, adventure, travel and architecture photography. My passion is to inspire people, and create awareness of how beautiful the things around us are. Don't Hesitate to reach out to me for questions, or to inquire about working with me. Let's create!

Let's work together

Bericht ontvangen!

Email:                              Phone:  +31 6 23 16 55 92

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