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Cinematic Visions

Introducing "Cinematic Visions" - a mesmerizing film preset pack for Adobe Lightroom. Transform your photos into cinematic masterpieces with just one click. Unlock the power of evocative colors, rich textures, and captivating moods. Elevate your photography to new heights and create an unforgettable visual narrative. Get Cinematic Visions now and start capturing your dreams.


  • 10 of my most used color presets

  • 2 Lighting adjustment presets 

  • 3 Grain presets

  • 2 Vignette presets

  • 4 Complete color packs with adjusted lighting

20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0018 copy.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0018 copy-2.jpg
After 2.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0332 copy.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0332 copy-2.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0186 copy-3.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0186 copy-2.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0347 copy.jpg
20230414-TK_Vietnam_20230414_0347 copy-2.jpg
20230501-TK_Vietnam_20230501_0167 copy.jpg
20230501-TK_Vietnam_20230501_0167 copy-2.jpg
20230501-TK_Vietnam_20230501_0005 copy-3.jpg
20230501-TK_Vietnam_20230501_0005 copy-4.jpg

In Dreams

Unleash the ethereal beauty of your photos with our enchanting "In Dreams" preset pack for Adobe Lightroom. Dive into a world of dreamy hues and mesmerizing tones, effortlessly transforming your images into whimsical works of art. Experience the magic of soft pastels, gentle gradients, and enchanting atmospheres. 

These presets work the best with pictures that have greens, blues and sunlight. It is based on my own custom creative profiles and designed to work with RAW files.You will get 10 of my most used presets, all presets are tested and optimalized for all kinds of shots.

These are my go-to presets.It has been tested or RAW files from Sony and Canon and is designed for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom CC (2017 and higher)

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