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The beautiful and picturesque capital of the Netherlands is a very popular tourist destination. With typical old dutch houses and its many canals, Amsterdam has captured the heart of many Instagrammers, photographers, and architecture lovers. I get asked frequently what the locations are of my photos are, so please enjoy this list of 10 photo locations in Amsterdam.

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1. Keizersgracht x Leidsegracht

This might be one of the most photographed corners in Amsterdam and it is for a good reason. Three bridges come together on this intersection. The bridges lead your eyes to a row of very typical houses. It is best to use a wide-angle lens here to include the bridges, the houses and the sky in the photo. Also try to make a panorama including more houses on either side.


2. Oudezijds voorburgwal

This spot in Amsterdam is one of my favorites because the houses seem to float on the water. You can get really close to the water and you always come away with a good photograph. It's located near the famous red-light district near a café called "Café Aen't water"


3. Reguliersgracht x Prinsengracht

This tiny house on the corner really catches your eye. The bridge leading to it is curved and small so be sure to include it to your photo and use it as a leading line. Also, if you have a wide-angle, get low and include the brick flooring of the bridge.


4. Papiermolensluis

The Papiermolensluis is a sluice bridge that was built in 1754 in Amsterdam-Center. The bridge, itself a municipal monument since 1995, is surrounded by municipal and national monuments. She takes her name from the sign 'De Papiermolen', which indicated that a paper seller lived there. On Jan 30, 1766, at noon, this bridge suddenly collapsed; there were no casualties.


5. Reguliersgracht x Keizersgracht

Lots of boats pass through these canals so try to do some long exposures and captures the lights of the boats.


6. Raadhuisstraat x Herengracht. View on Westertoren

I've never seen a photo of this location anywhere on the internet or Instagram before so I was excited when I discovered it and the sun was setting behind the Westertower. From this point, you have a curved road that leads your eye to the Westertoren, which is very close to Anne Franks house. This tower was built between 1620 and 1631 and has amazing details so also get close and zoom in to those details.


7. Damrak, you can't miss this spot.

This spot is basically in front of Central station. It is the main street leading into the city center, it leads to Dam Square. Recently the government even put a big sign on the floor saying "photo spot here". Off course you should walk around more and get some different angles.


8. Singel x Blauwburgwal

The Singel is an Amsterdam canal that was dug around 1492. A lot of narrow houses are places on this along this canal it even has one of the narrowest houses in the world at Singel nmr. 7.


9. Amstel 180

The Amstel is a river in the Netherlands which flows from Nieuwveen to Amsterdam, where it meets the IJ bay. The city of Amsterdam took its name from the river.

Near the Stopera there is a Pier from where you can make an amazing panorama of the houses on the Amstel.


10. Brouwersgracht x Binnen brauwersstraat

Close to the Haarlemmerdijk shopping street there are lots of bridges and picturesque houses. Walk around here in the evening and watch how the lights on the bridges and canals make this place even more beautiful.


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